Prize money
Its nice to get lucky every now and then but its sure tiring to stand in long queues at State Bank to get your money. Here is how you can cut the queue and have your winnings credited directly into your bank account.
internet security secure vpn service
In the age of internet restrictions, web filtering, hacking and loss of privacy; having a VPN service has become a necessity. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are secure networks that provide security and privacy to the user while they browse online. They ensure that data sent and received between your device and the service provider is encrypted. The best...
We can do so much with a simple SMS, but often we don't know which ones are really helpful. So, here is a list of SMS services that every citizen should know.
Urgent Delivery
TCS, M&P, DHL and PakPost all fail to delivery urgent items within city giving birth to same-day delivery services. Here are some of the best ones...
iPhone 8 product red
iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED™ came to Pakistan a month back and although just few Ks shy of a lac, the device is a solid investment if Apple is your choice.
Getting medicines delivered online in Pakistan is no more an issue because there are few legit services and companies which have understood the need of consumers and bridged the gap between brick & mortar stores and home delivery.
If you have any complain regarding any public institution or if you are unsure about the nature of your case, contact Mohtasib and inquire if the case is within their jurisdiction to resolve.
Mobile Wallets in Pakistan
Gone are the days when people used to buy hundreds of dollars worth of wallets, purses and clutches to hold their cash. Welcome to the 21st century which has revolutionized almost every aspect of life by giving it a touch of modern technology. Same is the case with payment processing, which, once used to be one of the most...
Debit Cards in Pakistan
Pakistan has come a long way in terms of online payments. Here we put the top two prepaid debit cards through the test and see which one is a winner.
budget smartphones
Fact: an average smartphone is designed to last for about two years. Reason: The high-turnover smartphone market. As the features keep getting better and better, the budget smartphone is a trend that is quickly catching up with users. If you are also looking for a smartphone in Pakistan under PKR 20,000 range then you have many options. Below are some great...
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