Basics of VoIP Service And Its Benefits

basics of VoIP service

This guide is focused on the basics of VoIP. So i’m going to talk you through what VoIP is and what benefits you can reap from choosing a VoIP service because if you are looking to expand your business and need an international phone number or just need a foreign number for any other purpose then you know how to go about it and what to avoid.

We are only talking about the basics here and at the end of this we will also list down a few online services that provide international numbers.

So What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a fascinating technology that offers voice transmissions to travel over the Internet connection and not the phone line. You can imagine that the speed of your internet then becomes vital for VoIP to work seamlessly.

How Do You Call With a VoIP Connection

Generally you signin with your VoIP service provider and call your desired number like a regular phone. Your VoIP service provider gives you a number as well that shows up on the caller ID of the person you’re calling.

Benefits of VoIP Connection

Lets start with money, VoIP is cheaper than traditional phone services. If you are into international calling, then VoIP is definitely your best bet into preventing yourself from going broke. You can add quite a bit of add-ons to VoIP too. By add-ons I mean features such as call queue, call recording, call group, paperless fax, call transfer and do not disturb features etc.

Why Choose VoIP Service?

Choosing a VoIP service is a great way to reduce your phone bill, it can also act as a business number and/or as number to verify for any shopping experience.

What Do You Need For VoIP to Work?

As mentioned before, you will need a high-speed internet connection and an IP Phone. Your internet bandwidth should be approx 64 Kbps or above. Remember that this speed should be able to cater upload and download data packets both. As for IP phones, there services that have been mentioned in the link, should offer an IP Phone, if not, you can always buy one.

Choosing a VoIP service is a great way to reduce your phone bill, it can also act as a business number and/or as number to verify for any shopping experience.

Where To Get a Good VoIP Phone Number?

This my friend, is work in progress. For now we have some good services mentioned on another link and they all provide USA phone number services and/or phone numbers of other countries to everyone/anyone who can pay online.

Where Do I Get This IP Phone From?

As I mentioned above, some of the services that we have covered in another post already offer you a phone as well as a number, but if you need an IP phone on its own, then please get a Cisco SPA303-G1. Its priced under $70 on Amazon and works very well.

Did I miss an important question? What more would you like to know about VoIP? Let us know in the comments below!

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