iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED™: A Solid Investment


What’s the other name for a Red Apple? Other than the restaurant chain we all love? Yep, it’s iPhone (PRODUCT)RED™.

Officially launched in the US of America back in mid-April, the Turbo Teen swam across the Atlantic and reached Pakistan within two months and in my hands a month back. Here’s what I love and loathe about the device.

iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED™ is famous for donating a percent of (Product) Red devices & accessories in fighting the spread of HIV and AIDS to the Global Fund. But does this mean the items are expensive to buy? No. They are priced the same and anyone saying otherwise is simply robbing you.

So back to iPhone 8 (Product) Red.


The Specs & Features of iPhone 8

Yea so we all expect great things from iPhone 8 but seriously, don’t.

You can expect good and stable things to come from your purchase of iPhone 8 because of the…

  • A11 Bionic chip with M11 compressor (faster processor to support AR experiences)
  • 4.7-inch diagonal widescreen (great for Games, Movies and Face Time)
  • Wireless Charging (need I mention the usefulness?)
  • 64 / 256 GB Models with 2GB RAM (enough room for songs, messages, movies and photos)
  • Retina HD with True Tone, 3D Touch, Apple Pay, Touch ID (all useful stuff if you know how and when to use)
  • 12MP lens with 4K video recording functionality
  • 7MP front-end camera (for those selfies)
  • Bluetooth 5.0 (for a stable connectivity)
  • 1,821 mAh (may not withstand 24 hours of full usage, unless its on Airplane mode)
  • Rated IP67 (not for dust storms & swimming Olympics, just for a dip and maybe no regular dusting)

iPhone 8 product redThe changes you will most glaringly notice between older models and iPhone 8 is the Touch ID button, because you can’t press it anymore. It’s got a haptic sensory feature which essentially means that your finger/thumb will feel something under the skin and that’s how you know the device has registered a response from you.

iPhone 8 product red
Notice the Home Button has a demarcation rim round it… (Please ignore the screen protector)

If you are into wireless charging, you will no doubt love that iPhone 8 comes with this feature. Of course, the introduction of it means that you will now need to get a charging plate for it.

I would give iPhone 8 a thumbs-up in the ‘specs & features’ department because Apple has simply managed to get everything right and if you buy the device, maybe it will seem boring to you if you are upgrading from iPhone 7, but in all honesty it’s a keeper and you will be happy with everything it has to offer.


iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED™ Image Gallery

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