Reliable Mobile Wallets in Pakistan


Gone are the days when people used to buy hundreds of dollars worth of wallets, purses and clutches to hold their cash. Welcome to the 21st century which has revolutionized almost every aspect of life by giving it a touch of modern technology. Same is the case with payment processing, which, once used to be one of the most agonizing task, now it’s been transformed into a comfortable activity. Now, you don’t need to be worried about which wallet to buy, rather you should pick from our list of top 5 mobile wallets and figure out which one to install in your smartphone.

According to recent statistics, the amount of internet users in Pakistan is around 17.8%. A huge chunk of this percentage is using the internet facilities using the smartphones. Taking advantage of the situation, a bunch of technopreneurs came up with some of the most amazing online mobile wallet apps. Up till now, there are many mobile wallets which have been introduced by several companies. Today we are going to list out the best 5 mobile wallets in Pakistan along with their pros and cons. So, without any further ado, let’s figure out which mobile wallet suits you the most!


SimSim Wallet

A nascent Pakistani startup which was started by a bunch of techies, turned out to be one of the most amazing online mobile wallet which has managed to raise $1.5 million in funding. Yes, we are talking about none other than the most well-known, the SimSim Wallet. It is a distinguished mobile wallet which offers free payment transactions from one account to another via its android or iOS application.

How to Register a SimSim Account

Just download and install the app  and fill up the registration form. You will receive an email with a registration link and after browsing to that link, you are good to go! Be warned, to be fully registered, you need to verify yourself as a citizen of Pakistan and this means giving personal information for verification.



Your Perks

  • Payment Via QR Codes
  • Buy Mobile Vouchers
  • Add money via IBFT, ATMs, Omni Agents and more
  • Send money to any bank account, SimSim user, mobile number, donations, and other FINCA accounts in Pakistan.
  • Buy Airline, Bus, Movie & Event tickets
  • Utility Bills Payment.
  • Buy Netflix, iTunes, Skype, Steam, Facebook and many more.
  • Integration with Other Payment Processors.

For a price of PKR 290, you can order a debit card which can be used for cash withdrawal at 1 Link ATMs and Finca bank branches around the country.



Final Word

Above discussed mobile wallets have literally brought the whole payment processing system, under your fingertips. Think of any kind of monetary transaction ranging from sending money to your loved ones to paying your staff or paying bills to depositing your kids’ fee, all can be done within a matter of a couple minutes. All you need is an internet connection!

Which mobile wallet do you use?



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