5 Best Urgent Delivery Services in Pakistan

Urgent Delivery

Intercity delivery service in Pakistan is great. Whenever you want something delivered TCS, Leopards Courier Services, M&P and PakPost come to mind but what about urgent delivery?

What do you do when you are at home, or in your hostel room, or at your workplace and you really need something to get delivered same-day or even urgently…! You can’t rely on the courier services because they don’t offer such deliveries.

Failing to provide citizens of Pakistan a same-day delivery or urgent delivery service, startups have launched their own. They are quick, professional, maybe a bit pricey, but reliable enough.

Urgent Delivery Services

After much research, we’ve jotted down the following most credible and customer oriented delivery services which are creating a difference in our society!

1. Bykea

Urgent Delivery Services


2. Taiz Raftaar

When it comes to beating all the odds and going way beyond to appease the customers, Abbottabad based Taiz Raftaar urgent delivery service is second to none. An initiative taken by a tenacious BBA graduate having a knack of serving a huge population of tourists with their delivery needs which flog there any time of the year, has now become a trademark of quality not just in Abbottabad, but also in the neighboring cities.

Having a huge clientele ranging from university students to SMEs and from hospital staff to local residents, this start-up kicked off with the CEO himself managing the whole setup all by himself ranging from order takings to deliveries. Interestingly, the Taiz Raftaar Instant Delivery Service, charges a standard amount of PKR 100 for an order and you get your stuff delivered within an hour.

Its website and mobile apps are undergoing a launching process but if you are anywhere in Abbottabad, just give them a call at the numbers mentioned on their Facebook page and enjoy a delivery service without much hassle.

3. Darewro

Urgent Delivery Services


4. Prongo

Urgent Delivery Services




5. Delivery Chacha

Urgent Delivery Services



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