Great VPN Services To Browse, Stream and Download Content

VPN Services for browse, stream and download content

We are all home and there is a part of us that wants to be lazy around the house. VPN Service can help you be lazier.

We don’t think you should be lazy, we think you should use this time to reach out to your inner self and analyse your worth and improve. But yes, when the time does come to relax, using a VPN Service to browse, stream and download content

In the age of internet restrictions, web filtering, hacking and loss of privacy; A VPN service has become a necessity. Virtual Private Networks, or VPNs, are secure networks that provide security and privacy to the user while they browse online. They ensure that data sent and received between your device and the service provider is encrypted. The best VPN services also prevent DNS leaks and don’t log  any user / internet activities.

How VPN Services Protect Your Information Online

A VPN service is an internet based VPN provider that lets you use their VPN for a fee and in turn provide you with security and privacy on any* internet device. This keeps all your communications secure and in most cases also lifts country restrictions since the service automatically connects you to a location outside your present country and beyond. Countries such as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and a couple of others regularly top the ten most censored countries list by CPJ whereas countries such as UAE, UK, US, Pakistan, India, Russia, Syria are the Enemies of the Internet list.

Uses of a VPN Service

The biggest benefit of a VPN service is that it helps in protecting your privacy online and keeping your information secure when using free Public Wi-Fi or Open Wi-Fi connections. Yes, free is necessarily not good, and you never know if a hacker is around sniffing your internet data packets.

A VPN service is also useful if you are purchasing items from the USA and are afraid that the store will pick your location from your IP and not allow you to checkout. So make sure you use a good Android VPN service before making an online purchase from Google Play Store abroad.

Lastly, the most common use of a VPN is to bypass country restrictions and to view content or post content which is restricted or just forbidden. If you use a VPN to access information that has been limited by your country, you are breaking the law so be careful what you do with this.

What to look for in a VPN Service

Besides the most obvious: price point and payment methods available, here’s what you need to look for when choosing a VPN service:

  1. Check server locations and restrictions. The more locations the better and there shouldn’t be any restrictions on browsing.
  2. Check security. Encryption should be 256bit, DNS leak protection, kill switch etc.
  3. Make sure they state that they don’t log user activity.
  4. Check max simultaneous connections. This is important if you have number of devices and plan to share your account with family members.
  5. Look for apps and make sure your devices are on their list. All services mentioned below have apps for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

Here are some tried and tested VPN services:


VPN Service

Known to be one of the safest, Express VPN services, it is expensive but it is worth every cent. Express VPN provides people with unlimited access to the internet, including websites and apps. It has its own secured DNS which prevents the leakage of sensitive data. With a 30 day money back guarantee, Express VPN provides its customers with 3 options to avail their services.

You can watch Netflix, Amazon, prime and much more with Express VPN. Their setup and software are very straightforward and  painless to use. It bypasses the country restrictions very well and safeguards privacy to a much greater extent.

ExpressVPN accepts payment via VISA, Mastercard, and American Express. They have dedicated apps for iOS and Android.

Sign up for 12 months and get 3 months extra for FREE at Express VPN


free VPN Services

If you are on a budget and a light user, Windscribe could be the answer you are looking for. For a free plan offering 10GB of data per month, 10 locations to pick from and unlimited connections, you will be hard-pressed to find a more suitable free service.

Windscribe has paid plans – and the Biannual plan comes with a 6 month Dashlane password manager’s subscription.

Bonus Plus: You can unblock Netflix USA with Windscribe version because let’s face it, it has a greater variety than ours, no? To purchase, simply use Bitcoin or PayPal or any major credit card. If you are into free account only, simply tweet about it to get additional 5GB of data on top of the free 10GB.

Get Windscribe for iOS and Android devices to get started.


VPN Services

Said to be the most user-friendly service of them all, TunnelBear is one of the few free VPN services which have a free package. Albeit limited, it allows you 500 MB of internet per month and an added 1GB if you tweet about it. Since its link with cybersecurity services, the VPN has been upgraded regarding its security and data encryption as well.

If you decide the service is good but need a bigger bandwidth then you can always purchase the paid plan which differs from mobile device plans to PC plans. So please do check the prices before investing in TunnelBear. You can download TunnelBear VPN for iOS  and Android devices to get started.

Get 7-day free trial on paid plan


VPN Service

One of the most popular VPN worldwide and ranked the best VPN of 2017 by many institutions, NordVPN has over 4200 servers in 62 countries and offers all plans on 30-day money back guarantee.

They offer a no-credit card free trial of 3 days which you can avail if you feel like checking their service out and after that switch to a paid plan. You can pay via all major cards, PayPal and cryptocurrencies. You can also use this service on the go via their iOS and Android apps.

special offer on 3 year for only $99

Nord VPN offers extra 3 months FREE on all the plans. Offer is valid till 28th November 2022.


IPVanish VPN Service

Available on several devices and a 7-day money back guarantee, IPVanish has been around long enough to know what you want in a reliable VPN service.

IPVanish offers 3 packages and a free trial to iOS and Android device signups. You get 10 simultaneous connections, unlimited bandwidth, over 40,000 shared servers in 60 countries and plenty other nifty features. You can pay via PayPal and all major cards.

These are certainly not all the VPN services we wanted to cover, but some of the many. We’ll be updating this feature regularly and welcome all feedback regarding these services. Additionally, if you have used a VPN service which you think should be listed here because of their speed, security etc, let us know in the comments below. We’ll take a look and after vetting them, will add to this list.

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