Best Internet Debit Cards in Pakistan for Online Shopping Everywhere

Debit Cards in Pakistan

Are you one of the guys who see mind-blowing deals on AliExpress, Banggood, geekbuying, Amazon and gearbest end up without ordering them because you don’t have a credit card or an internet working debit card? Is lack of a credit card limiting your shopping options? Do you miss amazing prices and deals on international websites just because you can’t afford an international prepaid debit VISA or MasterCard to place an order?

Well, today I am going to solve your problem once and for all by telling you about the top two internet prepaid debit cards in Pakistan and that too without opening a bank account. You can use these debit cards on any international website.

MCB Lite

Just as its name, MCB Lite is a light on your pocket product from MCB Bank Limited. It is a bank account which is a combo of an app and a prepaid VISA debit card. With MCB Lite, your mobile number becomes your Lite account number so you don’t need to panic about remembering your account number. The MCB Lite VISA prepaid debit card can be used to shop at any international website. To perform and keep a track of your transactions, MCB Lite web based interface and an app for both android and iOS is available.



How can I get an MCB Lite Card?

MCB Bank offers a variety of options to apply for the Lite card. Keeping in view your ease, you can obtain the VISA debit card by any of the following methods

  1. Apply online and get the MCB Lite card delivered to your doorstep (is not it amazing?) in 7-14 working
  2. Call MCB Helpline 021-111-000-622
  3. SMS lite to 6222, or
  4. Visit any Lite Enable Branch

What are the subscription and annual charges? How to pay the charges and activate?

The joining and the annual fee of MCB Lite is PKR 300 only. Once you receive the Lite card, there will be no balance in your Lite account but don’t you worry, you can deposit the initial balance by any of the following methods.

  1. Easypaisa or Jazzcash account / shop (Use the option “send money to any bank” and select MCB Bank, Easypaisa and Jazzcash charges may apply )
  2. Nearest MCB Branch (Free)
  3. IBFT from any other bank (other bank charges may apply)
  4. Transfer from any other MCB account via ATM or mobile Banking (FREE)

Amazingly, you don’t need to remember a long and complex account number. The account number for all the above transactions will be simply your mobile number. Once you have deposited a minimum of PKR 300 in your Lite account, you can call MCB helpline (021-111-000-622) to activate your Lite card and you are done.

How can you use your Lite card for online shopping?

By default the MCB Lite Card is disabled for online shopping at international websites but you can call MCB helpline (021-111-000-622) to activate your Lite card for online shopping. As per your request MCB Lite card can be activated for international shopping for a limited time period or a lifetime (wow).

What you can do with the MCB Lite app?

The  MCB Lite app works as a mini version of internet banking for your Lite account. You login with your account number (Mobile number) and a login PIN. You can do the following with the app.

  1. Check your balance and mini statement (last 10 transactions) (Free)
  2. Send money to any MCB account or MCB Lite account (Free)
  3. Send money to any other bank account via IBFT (For PKR 30 upto PKR 100,000)
  4. Buy top-ups, pay mobile bills, pay utility bills and donate money (Free)
  5. Contact MCB Bank via E-Mail (Free)

Here is how the MCB Lite app interface looks


Transaction Limits of MCB Lite

You can find the transaction limits of MCB Lite here

Pros of MCB Lite Card

  1. You can perform and keep a track of all the transactions via app or web based login, provides you ease of access from anywhere you have the blessings of internet.
  2. Free SMS alerts on every transaction
  3. Variety of options for depositing funds
  4. Your number becomes your Lite account number, easy to remember.

Cons of MCB Lite Card

  1. It is very difficult to access helpline services sometimes. The calls you make to the helpline are frequently disconnected especially during peak hours.


UBL Wiz Card

Just like MCB Lite Card, UBL Wiz is product of UBL bank backed by MasterCard that lets you shop at international websites without the hassle of opening a bank account. As compared to MCB Lite, it has less features, but still stands a good choice for online shopping.

How can I get an UBL Wiz Card?

Unfortunately, there is no online application for applying for this card. You will have to go to nearest UBL online branch along with a photocopy of your CNIC, a proof of your job or business and an initial deposit of PKR 500.

What are the subscription and annual charges? How to pay the charges and activate?

The initial subscription charges of UBL Wiz card are PKR 110 and can be paid at the time of subscription of the UBL Wiz at the branch. Usually you will fill one form for subscription and then deposit money in your UBL wiz card. The amount can be deposited at UBL branches only. After you have deposited the amount you can activate you card by calling UBL helpline (021- 111 825 888). The first eight digits of your Wiz card are your account number.

How can you use your UBL Wiz card for online shopping?

By default the UBL Wiz Card is disabled for online shopping at international websites. You can call UBL helpline (021- 111 825 888) to activate your UBL Wiz card for online shopping. As per your request UBL Wiz card can be activated for international shopping for a limited time period or lifetime.

Features of UBL Wiz Card

  1. Any person having a valid CNIC can obtain a UBL Wiz card
  2. Can be used at all ATMs and point of sales (VISA and MasterCard acceptability only) across the globe
  3. Mini Statement, Balance Inquiry, and Utility bill payment via UBL ATM only
  4. Free E-statement facility

UBL Wiz Card Limits

You can find the UBL Wiz card transaction limits here.

Pros of UBL Wiz Card

  1. Good customer support via helpline

Cons of UBL Wiz card

  1. No SMS alerts so you don’t know the exact amount you pay per transaction
  2. You can reload your card at UBL branch only.
  3. You have to visit UBL ATM for checking balance, mini-statement or performing a transaction like paying utility bills.
  4. No dedicated app on either platform. Functionality failures on main UBL iOS app.

Hidden Charges / Taxes When Pay at International Websites

You might have heard that Pakistani banks charge hidden charges or taxes when you use a card at an international website. Well this is a misconception. We maintain our bank accounts in PKR whereas payments on international websites are in US dollars. At the time of payment, your bank converts your PKR to US Dollars and it charges a fee for converting your PKR to USD. This fee is called conversion fee which is 3% for payments made via MCB Lite and 4% for payments made via UBL Wiz card. For example if inter-bank rate of USD is PKR 100 on a particular day, you will end up paying PKR 103 if you pay with MCB Lite and PKR 104 if you pay with UBL Wiz.

MCB Lite or UBL Wiz?

Well, as a shopping freak myself, I have experienced both. In my opinion MCB Lite is way better than the UBL wiz card. On one hand, UBL Wiz is limited to a card, UBL branch and an ATM. On the other hand, features such as the prompt SMS alerts, variety of options for depositing funds, performing and monitoring transactions via the app make MCB Lite the winner here.


Parcel Forward


    • Yes. For recurring payments, you will have to activate your MCB lite or ubl Wiz card for online payments permanently or for the period in which you want the recurring payments to be made. Ensure there is sufficient money in your card as these are debit cards.


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